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Raymond James

Stephen founded Equerry Investment Management (Equerry) to provide a home for clients seeking an investment management service based on a combination of sound and transparent investment management capabilities and a high quality, personal service. Previously Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer at Barnett Waddingham Investments LLP, Stephen has over 16 years’ experience providing investment advice to individuals, pension schemes and trusts and managing assets for them.

Equerry Investment Management

flow-treeEquerry Investment Management is affiliated to Raymond James Investment Services Limited (Raymond James).

Raymond James is the UK private client wealth management arm of Raymond James Financial, Inc., a diversified financial services company headquartered in Florida, USA.

Founded in 1962 and a public company since 1983, Raymond James Financial, Inc. (RJF) is a diversified financial services organisation. Currently 64% of its revenue (as at 17th March, 2013) is generated by the Private Client Group, which is engaged in wealth management activities.

In addition RJF has businesses focused on equity and fixed income capital markets, asset management and banking. RJF has over 6,200 wealth managers located in 3,000 offices in the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere overseas. These wealth managers service more than 2.5 million client accounts representing total assets under control of approximately $447 billion as at 31st December, 2013.