What is Equerry InvestNet ?

We are a team of highly experienced investment brokers with years of proven results across various markets. We work with top Angel investors and other capital markets. Our specialty is in upstream investment as real estate, technology and retail. We have functioning businesses spread across the globe. With the recent collapse of the downstream oil sector, investors are now channeling resources towards other sectors for continued growth. As with our proprietary InvestNet system, our approach towards business is always intuitive, innovative and ingenious. This speaks louder with our 15years of continued success in upstream investments and procurements.

What is my function ?

You primarily do nothing, we take care of all the business for you, your only business is receiving the agreed interest rate for the duration of time specified. You do not also undertake any risks as any excess profit/loss we make from investments is our sole burden.

Simply fund your account and we will use the funds you deposit to do business and pay you high interests every month for the agreed term.

What to earn ?

Our business model is very simple and straight forward. Once you invest your funds with us, you will continue to receive a fixed monthly income of 7.51% for a period of 60months(5 years). You can choose to withdraw your interest every month or you can simply logon to your account and withdraw anytime you wish. At the end of the 60 months period, your investment would have auto-liquidated with an overall return of 7.51 X 60= 450.6%.


For example,


If you invest £100,000,


You will continue to receive £7,510 every month.

You will STOP receiving the £7,510 after the 60th month(5 years). 

At that time, your initial £100,000 investment would have liquidated after earning you a total of 7,510 x 60 = £450,600 in just 5 years.


What happens to the initial investment ?

From the example above, your initial investment liquidates at the end of the investment term, This is why we are able to pay you such an incredibly high interest rate. The contract is simple, you invest with us and we continue to repay your investment every month for a whole 5 years.

If you however wish to cancel your investment pre-maturely, then we will apply our special liquidity formula to determine what is repaid to you. We will subtract 85% of all your accrued interest from your initial capital. If there's a balance, it will be paid to you. It is only practical to liquidate during the first 15 months.

For example,

If you invest £100,000

At the end of the 1st year, your total profit which you might have withdrawn will be £90,120.

If at that stage you wish to terminate, we will subtract 85% of your accrued £90,120 from your initial £100,000. This will amount to £76,602 for breach of agreement.

Hence you will be getting £100,000 - £76,602 = £23,398

In conclusion, if you terminate at the end of 1year on a £100,000 investment, you would have made a total of £113,518.(NOT RECOMMENDED)

In clear terms, at the end of the 5th year(60 months) your initial investment of £100,000 will become £0.00 after earning you a profit of £450,600 paid monthly.

How do i deposit(Make an investment) ?


After successfully setting up your Equerry InvestNet account, you will have to logon and select the amount you wish to invest. We will contact you within 24hours with a document to sign and our bank account details for depositing the investment sum. As soon as your funds clears our bank account, it will be immediately reflected in your Equerry InvestNet account. The amount will begin to yield you a profit of 7.51% every 30days. After your very first investment, should you wish to make more investments, you will be required to complete the same process again. Each deposit has their own interest line and everything can be accessed from your account area.



What are the risks ?

As a user/investor you do NOT bear any risk. We take care of the burden and we have a huge reserve to take care of losses. Our comittment to you is payment of your fixed interest rate at the end of each month for the agreed term. Your investment is ZERO risk.


How do i make withdrawals ?

Withdrawing money from your Equerry InvestNet account is very simple and straight forward, simply logon to your account and click withdraw. The funds will be transferred within 3 business days to your registered bank account. You will be prompted to enter your bank account details the very first time you wish to withdraw. The account details will thereafter be saved. Funds will only be transferred to an account bearing your name as the investor.

How much do i earn for referring another investor ?

For referring an investor, your interest rate will be increased by 0.1% for every £100,000 the investor invests. Hence, if your investor invests £1,000,000 GBP your interest rate will be increased by 1%(8.51%). However, 1% is the highest increment any investor can get for inviting another investor.